Volunteer with The Arc!

The mission of the The Arc of Greensboro is enhanced by the active participation of citizens of the community. To this end, the Arc accepts and encourages the involvement of volunteers at all levels of the The Arc and within all appropriate programs and activities. Arc staff is encouraged to assist in the creation of meaningful and productive roles in which volunteers might serve and to assist in recruitment of volunteers from the community.

Volunteer opportunities are available in Challenger Sports League, Able Earth Clay Creations, Special Events, Office Assistance, and more!

If you are interested in getting more information on volunteer activities


        • call us at (336) 373-1076, or 


        • contact us to find help matching your interests to our needs.


      Please note: Unless otherwise indicated, minimum age for volunteering is 16 years. Challenger Sports League accepts volunteers of any age.


Policies and Procedures

The purpose of these policies is to provide overall guidance and direction to management, staff, and volunteers. These policies are intended for internal management guidance only. They do not constitute, either implicitly or explicitly, a binding contractual or personnel agreement. The Arc reserves the right to change any of these policies and to expect adherence to the changed policy. Unless specifically stated, these policies apply to all volunteers in all programs and projects undertaken on or on behalf of the Society.

Scope of Volunteer Policies

Role of Volunteer Services Program

The productive utilization of volunteers requires a planned and organized effort. The function of Volunteer Services is to provide a central coordinating point for effective volunteer management within the The Arc, and to direct and assist staff and volunteer efforts to jointly provide more productive services. The volunteer program is responsible for maintaining liaisons with other volunteer-utilizing programs in the community and assisting in community-wide efforts to recognize and promote volunteering. The Volunteer Program Coordinator takes primary responsibility for planning for effective volunteer utilization, for assisting staff in identifying productive and creative volunteer roles, for recruiting suitable volunteers, for training staff to supervise volunteers effectively, and for tracking and evaluating the statistical data reflecting the contribution of volunteers to the The Arc.

What is a Volunteer?

A "volunteer" is anyone who chooses to perform services for the Society without compensation or expectation of compensation, (beyond reimbursement for pre-approved specified expenses) and, who performs a task at the direction of and on behalf of the The Arc. A "volunteer" must be officially accepted and enrolled by the The Arc prior to performance of the task. Volunteers are not employees of the The Arc.

Special Case Volunteers

The Arc also accepts as volunteers those persons participating in student projects, corporate volunteer programs and other volunteer referral programs. In these cases, a special arrangement may be made with the organization, school, or program from whom the special case volunteers originate to identify responsibility for the management and care of these volunteers.

Employees as Volunteers

The service of staff members as volunteers is accepted provided that the volunteer service is 1) initiated by the staff member, 2) provided totally voluntary, and 3) involves work that is outside the normal scope of duties and working hours for that staff member.

Family Members of Staff

Family members of staff are allowed to volunteer with the The Arc. When family members are enrolled as regular volunteers, they normally will not be placed under the direct supervision of, or within the same department as other family members who are employees.

Service at the Discretion of The Arc of Greensboro, Inc.

The Arc accepts the service of volunteers with the understanding that such service is at the sole discretion of the The Arc. Volunteers understand that the The Arc may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to end the volunteer relationship. The volunteer may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to sever the volunteer's relationship with the The Arc. Notice of such a decision should be communicated as soon as possible to the volunteer's supervisor.

Volunteer Standards and Responsibilities

Volunteers represent a valuable resource for The Arc, its staff and its visitors. Volunteers should be given meaningful assignments and effective direction, and be recognized for work done. In return, volunteers should actively perform their duties to the best of their abilities, volunteer at their assigned times, and remain loyal to the mission and procedures of the Society.