Challenger Sports – Baseball


Challenger League is open to persons with disabilities between the ages of 5 and up. Games are played at Pomona Park, located at 3910 Clifton Road in Greensboro. Siblings and friends are also encouraged to join to provide a more inclusive environment. For more information about registration or volunteering, please contact Kristin Bigford at [email protected]

There is a $10.00 fee for baseball registration.

  • Buddy Information

    A Buddy is person (sibling, friend, worker, etc.) who will be on field with the Athlete to assist them during the game. Athletes are NOT REQUIRED to have, or provide their own Buddy. Volunteers will be available each Game Day, ready to Buddy-Up!
  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Athlete Medical Information

  • We ask every member of the Challenger Sports League to consider paying more than the $10 minimum as a way of supporting other programs and participants.